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Mechanical zero-point technology in a new dimension

Our SOLIDBolt MAXX system, the further development of the already established SOLIDBolt system, is now also suitable and approved for turning operations. With the MAXX series, we can achieve holding forces of 120kN per zero-point plate, ensuring positionally accurate and secure clamping is no longer a problem, even on large machine tables. No matter whether you use the system on your milling machine or your mill-turn center, you always have the confirmation of a safe clamping due to the visual clamping control. In addition to the holding forces, we have of course also adapted the options of the zero point plates to the large machining area. In addition to the plates with a height of 150mm, the product portfolio is now also supplemented with a fixture plate, which you can simply attach to your fixture with 4x M16 screws and then also clamp on the SOLIDBolt MAXX clamping system true to position. The SOLIDBolt MAXX system is rounded off with the established and maintenance-free mechanics of our SOLIDBolt series. Like its little brother, this is also purely mechanical and can therefore be used on any machine, as neither pneumatics nor hydraulics are required.

Quality, flexibility and cost savings

Due to the simplicity of the SOLIDBolt system we are able to offer a high quality and flexible zero point system for the customer cost-extensively. In comparison to similar systems
up to 50% less are produced. The SOLIDBolt zero point clamping technique uses a sliding mechanism consisting of two sliders and a counterrotating threaded spindle. Due to a 45° transmission of the locking mechanism to the clamping bolt, we can guarantee a higher locking force than with systems with vertical arrangement.

  • Especially for large machine tables
  • Optical clamping control for safe clamping
  • Cost-effective solution for large tables
  • Kostengünstige Lösung für Große Tische
  • No media supply necessary, since purely mechanical
  • Maintenance free
  • Modular design for different applications
  • Modular design for different heights
  • Easy way to use existing fixtures on a zero point clamping system
  • Also suitable for lathe operations
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