Mechanical zero-point technology

SOLIDBolt – a new and unique zero point clamping system. HWR has succeeded with a new approach to make the zero-point technique even easier, faster and more precise. In addition, SOLIDBolt is significantly less cost-intensive, more flexible in application, safer in clamping and compatible with any machine or mounting grid. The new HWR zero point clamping technology SOLIDBolt is the basis for the productive set-up of your milling machine. Secure, flexible, precise and fast are the characteristics that were important for us during development.

Quality, flexibility and cost savings

Due to the simplicity of the SOLIDBolt system we are able to offer a high quality and flexible zero point system for the customer cost-extensively. In comparison to similar systems
up to 50% less are produced. The SOLIDBolt zero point clamping technique uses a sliding mechanism consisting of two sliders and a counterrotating threaded spindle. Due to a 45° transmission of the locking mechanism to the clamping bolt, we can guarantee a higher locking force than with systems with vertical arrangement.

  • easier to handle
  • stronger in performance
  • lower costs
  • more flexible application
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