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Stamping unit for making the form fitting

The stamping technology is a process in which a defined tooth contour is stamped into the workpiece in advance under high pressure for subsequent clamping by the form fit. This working step takes place outside the clamping device. With SOLIDStamp from HWR, you create a secure clamping due to established clamping technology. With the help of the stamping station, raw parts can be prepared for clamping in the vice within seconds. Complex pre-machining, such as the milling of clamping points, is no longer necessary. A minimum clamping depth of 3 mm and highest holding forces are only some of the advantages of SOLIDStamp.

Form fit makes it possible

The form fit produced by the stamping station offers many advantages. Due to the minimum clamping edge of only three millimetres, the customer is able to reduce his material costs. Furthermore, highest chip volumes can be realized, which in turn leads to time savings and cost reductions as well. The lower clamping pressure, which is sufficient due to the form fit, causes less deformation on the workpiece and ends in better results in component quality. The very good accessibility on the workpiece, makes it possible to use shorter tools, which leads to higher process reliability and better results. The proven tooth contour consists of a holding tooth and a depth stop. Components can also be reproducibly stamped and clamped in series. By using a centre marking, the workpieces can be inserted in the machine with precise positioning even without disturbing stops.

  • Minimum clamping edge
  • Low clamping pressure in the vice
  • Best accessibility
  • No annoying stops in the machine
SOLIDStamp Funktionsprinzip

How it works

By creating the holding contour, a form fit is created when clamping in the vice. Stamping is done outside the machine and outside the clamping device in a stamping device. Thus, all power-intensive processes are shifted from the clamping device to the stamping station, into non-productive time. This means that the vices can be designed to be slim and clear and thus retain their unbeatable accessibility. The form-fit technology makes it possible to save material costs with a clamping depth of only three millimeters and generates at the same time,
maximum holding forces. When using a centre marking, the workpiece can be positioned accurately in the machine without disturbing stops.

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