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15 Mar

NEW – Now with Centrifugal Force Compensation

HWR has responded to the development of modern machine tools and further developed the INOFlex® VL. As of now, our weight-reduced, centrically compensating INOFlex® VL chucks are available with centrifugal force compensation. INOFlex® allows compensating centric clamping of round, rectangular…
04 Feb

The VT-S in a New Size

Our INOFlex VT-S 4-jaw through-hole power chuck is now also available as standard in another small size with a chuck diameter of Ø 135mm. Thus, we now offer the INOFlex VT-S chucks in the range Ø 135 – 1200 mm.…
19 Jan

SOLIDGrip – The Next Level

Following our promise to further develop and optimize our products, our SOLIDGrip vices have been re-designed offering greater benefits to our customers. [Click here for more informationt] After the optimization of the complete range, our SOLIDGrip centering vices are characterized…
09 Nov

SOLIDPoint® 4-Fold Plate

We have added a new product to the portfolio of our SOLIDPoint® family. With our SOLIDPoint® 4-fold plate you get a zero-point multi-plate with 96 grid, highest holding force by force amplification and identical pull-in forces as with the SOLIDPoint®
17 Sep

SOLIDPoint® Twin Base

Also new in the SOLIDPoint® series is the the twin base with combined zero point system. This means that both the 52 and the 96 grid are combined in one plate. This is only available exclusively from HWR. The SOLIDPoint®
10 Aug

SOLIDPoint® 2-Fold Plate

The SOLIDPoint® zero point technology is now also available in a double version. With the new 2-fold plate, you neither have a loss of clamping force nor do you have to do without the combined zero point system with 52…
02 Jun

Expansion to our SOLIDLine Product Line

With SOLIDLine we are able to offer our customers the service and quality they have been accustomed to. So we are pleased that we have expanded our product range to include several new products. SOLIDClick and SOLIDLock are new members…
28 May

Our Growth Requires More Space

In order to be able to put our new machine DMU mono Block FDS 125 into operation, we have expanded our production area to 3500 sqm. On this ultra-modern milling, turning and grinding machine we will produce INOFlex® chucks up…
01 Aug

We Become the Official Partner in DMQP

On 01.08.19 HWR became the official partner in the DMQP of DMG Mori Seiki. The INOFlex® chucks from HWR are now available as standard on all DMG Mori Seiki turning machines worldwide. Patent pending in 2013, the centric and compensating…
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