InoZet® – in search of perfect roundness

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InoZet® – in search of perfect roundness

InoZet® offers maximum flexibility, significant cost advantages and outstanding turning results thanks to its technical superiority.

With InoZet® pendulum bridges to a compensating 6-jaw chuck

From the standard 3-jaw chuck to the highly flexible, compensating 6-jaw chuck! Conventional pendulum jaws are:

  • too inflexible
  • too elaborate
  • too expensive

The innovative clamping solution by HWR

With InoZet® you can turn your existing 3-jaw chuck into a highly flexible, compensating 6-jaw chuck in no time at all.

Owing to the variable positioning of the clamping jaws on the pendulum segments you can cover the entire clamping range with one set of standard clamping jaws only for maximum flexibility.

You do not need countless pendulum clamping jaws or any special constructions – which leads to enormous cost savings.

InoZet® offers the following advantages:

  • Your 3-jaw chuck turns into a compensating 6-jaw chuck
  • One set of clamping jaws covers the entire clamping range of the chuck
  • For internal and external clamping
  • Ideal for processing deformation-sensitive components as well as out-of-round blanks and components deformed by thermal treatment
  • Can be retrofitted for all chuck sizes from diameters of 210 mm
  • The pendulum mechanism is protected from soiling
  • Huge cost savings by dispensing with expensive special clamping jaws
  • Ideal true running properties

How it works

InoZet® pendulum bridges are fitted on the base jaws of the existing chuck. The pendulum mechanism gives the bridge a compensating effect.

Soft top jaws and gripper jaws can be fitted on the end-to-end centre aligned serration on the bridges.

State of the art

At present, pendulum jaws are used for 6-point clamping on three-jaw chucks. However, these pendulum jaws come with essential disadvantages.

Soiling of the pendulum mechanism (pendulum bolts) is just one of the problems, as it annuls the pendulum effect so that compensating clamping is no longer warranted.

Another problem is that the geometric shape of the pendulum jaws only allow a very limited clamping range. Therefore several sets of pendulum jaws are needed to cover the full clamping range.

As an alternative to 3-jaw chucks with pendulum jaws, costly 6-jaw chucks are used.
The use of a 6-jaw chuck only makes sense when it is a compensating chuck.

Areas of application

is mainly used for clamping of:

  • deformation-sensitive raw parts
  • out-of-round parts
  • parts that are deformed after thermal treatment

Standard InoZet® pendulum bridges are available for chuck sizes from 210 to 1250 mm.

The flexibility of the clamping system allows the use of InoZet® both for clamping blanks and machined parts with external and internal clamping.

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