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InoFlex® - Concentric and compensating 4-jaw chuck

The trend is towards combined turning and milling machines for both round, rectangular and geometrically irregular parts. In the past, companies have used rigid concentric 3-jaw chucks for clamping round parts and worked with vices (two jaws) for rectangular and geometrically irregular parts.

HWR has reacted to this development and produced the first universal clamping tool for clamping round, rectangular and also geometrically irregular parts. With the patent application dated January 2013 for the concentric and compensating 4-jaw chuck InoFlex, HWR is launching a clamping tool to perform this task in a range of Ø 160-1200 mm. No other clamping tool on the market can do this!

Type overview of InoFlex® compensating 4-jaw chuck

Type VT

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Through hole power chuck

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Type VK

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Closed center power chuck

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Type VD

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Closed center manual chuck

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Type VL

Compensating 4-jaw vice weight reduced

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Type VF

Compensating 4-jaw vice

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InoFlex® offers you the following advantages:

4 jaws for comoensating clamping

• For concentric and compensating clamping

• For clamping of round, cubic and geometrically irregular parts

• Suitable for deformation-sensitive workpieces


Low-cost allrounder

• Can be used on all modern machine  tools

• Available as manual chuck Ø 160-1200 mm

• Available as power chuck Ø 160-800 mm

• No expensive special clamping solutions needed


High repeat and roundness accuracy

• Precise production results confirmed in parctice

InoFlex® – for the concentric and compensating clamping of round, rectangular and geometrically irregularly shaped parts.

How it works

In a conventional chuck, all drive parts move in the same direction around the centre (e.g. wedge bar, wedge hook, scroll chuck) either towards or away from the centre.

The drive of the InoFlex® 4-jaw chuck (concentric compensation) moves towards or apart on two parallel axes. Compensation is provided by connecting the diametrically arranged slides with levers or a sliding gate-type gear.

Workpiece Examples

4-jaw standard clamping; no special jaws required Square flange Deformation-sensitive ring Safe clamping of cast iron parts due to compensationCardanic sleeve 3 operations savedBearings with standard jawsWith InoFlex®, the borehole can be processed concentricallyFlange on VD080-2cubic partRound partThin-walled partSafe clamping due to compensationCardanic sleeveConcentric clamping of split bearingsFlange on VD080