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User Report NAF - Innovative clamping system reduces production cost

Neunkirchener Achsenfabrik go for the innovative clamping system InoZet®

When high production accuracy with tight tolerances is demanded, standard 3-jaw chucks quickly reach their limits. You either have to do a lot of measuring in order to reach the requested quality or you invest in an economical and time saving alternative like the InoZet® pendulum bridges from HWR Spanntechnik straightaway as did Neuenkirchener Achsenfabrik (NAF).

„I instantly knew that the roundness results would drastically improve by using this clamping system“ said Klaus Bungeroth. The machine operators very quickly managed to integrate the clamping system in their production strategy and learned to appreciate one special advantage very quickly: out-of-roundnesses which, owing to the system, did not get worked into the part from the start do not have to get eleminiated in the second operation with a big effort.