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User Report Hele AG - InoFlex® VD080 simplifies production

The Swiss Hele AG in Hallwil manufacture precise and sophisticated mechanical parts with a high vertical integration and corresponding finish. Modern machinery and well educated staff form the basis for high flexibility with regard to workmanship and readiness for delivery.

An InoFlex® 4-jaw chuck from HWR Spanntechnik with a diametre of 800 mm came into operation on a new turning-milling centre matec-30-HV. With this chuck round, rectangular and also geometrically irregularly shaped parts can be clamped concentrically and compensatingly. Further to that it is also suitable for clamping deformation-sensitive parts.

"This unique chuck combines the possibilities of a vice and a 3-jaw chuck. The geometry and condition of the workpieces - may it be slug, cast or rough-machined - is almost negligible.
My expectations regarding the clamping force, accessability and precision have been outperfoormed by far" said Paul Hegnauer, Managing Director of Hele AG.

"With InoFlex® we have clamped and precisely manufactured round parts of diametre 200 mm and cubic parts of up to 1000 x 900 x 240 mm. Without InoFlex® we could not have clamped some of the workpieces or only clamped with a very big effort

The InoFlex® chucks are universally usable on turning and milling machines. They are available in dimensions from 160 to 1200 mm as manual and power chucks.