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User Report FBR - High Repeat Accuarcy also for asymmetrical Workpieces

FBR Facondrehteile GmbH in Kirchhaslach produce ready to fit components for mechanical engineering, transmission- and farm technology as well as vehicle- and fitting manufacturing. Since April 2014 FBR utilise the compensating 4-jaw chuck InoFlex® from HWR Spanntechnik for the machining of rectangular and asymmetrical profiles.

FBR Facondrehteile GmbH use the compensating 4-jaw chuck InoFlex® for the machining of
rectangular and asymmetrical workpieces

Initial Scepticism

An article in a trade magazine drew the attention of Rainer Schenk, Procurement- and Sales Manager, to the novel 4-jaw chuck InoFlex®. However, at first the responsible people at FBR were sceptical about the field of application of this chuck: „First of all we wanted to understand the functioning, i.e. how the concentric and compensating clamping works “, explains Schenk. For him it was extremely important to find a universal clamping device for the multitude of complex workpieces of different geometries FBR are machining. It is exactly these applications for which HWR has developed the InoFlex® system: The drive of the patented InoFlex® 4-jaw chuck moves towards or apart on two parallel axes. Compensation is provided by connecting the diametrically opposed slides with levers or a sliding gate-type gear. „Before we learned about the InoFlex® 4-jaw chuck we made many clamping solutions ourselves. This is not necessary any more", says the FBR Procurement Manager happily. More and more raw material is being machined with InoFlex®. „Only when we need open centre chucks we use our 3-jaw chucks."
The concentrically compensating
4-jaw InoFlex® power chuck

Contented Users

FBR Facondrehteile GmbH first used the InoFlex® chuck as a manual chuck on a Okuma L300. „We wanted to test it and the chuck worked straight away", confirms FBR Managing Director Hubert Reiser. When machining rectangular or asymmetrical workpieces before they needed an additional clamping plate which had to be bolted down. An expenditure of work that can be saved with the compensating 4-jaw chuck. Equally positive is the result of the colleagues who work with InoFlex®. „The colleagues in production are very happy as work gets done much quicker and the error rate has dropped significantly.“ After a short time already the Bavarian chipping specialists were so confident that meanwhile FBR are also working with an InoFlex® power chuck.

Convincig Advantages

It is not only that FBR can clamp a multitude of different workpieces from round to asymmetric with the concentric and compensating 4-jaw chuck InoFlex®, it is the repeatability that has drastically improved: „In our branch quality and precision are a must. In unserer Branche sind Qualität und Präzision ein Muss. So it can be a decisive competitive advantage to reach a repeatability in a very high precision range with this new chuck", explains the FBR managing Director.