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User Report MSTR - InoFlex® saves work processes

For more than 16 years MSTR Metallbearbeitung GmbH in Bielefeld /
Germany have been working successfully as a contract manufacturer for
customers in the paper industry, machine construction and ship building.
For some months now the East Westphalians have been using the
compensating concentric clamping 4-jaw chuck InoFlex®.

With an impressive result!

Among others MSTR manufacture sliding blocks for the paper industry.
„The problem with these parts was that the production times were long
and had a high demand of personnel“, declares Mr. Thorsten Roepe,
Managing Director of MSTR GmbH. In the past the workpieces were first
sawn and then processed on a 5-axis machining centre from 5 sides within
a short production time. Owing to the constantly changing clamping
tasks the personnel was bound to the machine and the production cost was
adequately high.

Universally usable clamping system

When Mr. Roepe from MSTR inquired about a 2-jaw power chuck for his new turning machine, Jens Bollmann from HWR Spanntechnik GmbH drew his attention to the system InoFlex®. This compensating and concentric
clamping 4-jaw chuck can be used universally for clamping round,
rectangular and also irregular shaped workpieces. The drive of this
patented 4-jaw chuck moves in an angle of 90° towards or away from each other. Compensation is provided by connecting the diametrically opposed slides with a sliding gate-type gear.

Simple handling, shorter set-up times

MSTR now have an automated production process for manufacturing the
sliding blocks with the InoFlex® chuck on a turning machine. Here the
InoFlex® chuck is mounted on the subspindle. The first side of the
workpieces is processed from the rod. Then the InoFlex® chuck grabs the
workpiece for processing the rear side. „A special advantage is that we
can produce independent from personnel and day times“, said Roepe.
Further to that expensive preparation steps could be omitted which
resulted in shorter set-up times. „During the use it becomes very
obvious that the system can be adjusted very quickly and with little
effort to each task and that a high permanent precision is given. Our
colleagues are enthused about the simple handling.“