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Eco•Compact 20

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Lang is a manufacturer of top quality innovative products for the metal processing industry with a focus on profitability and efficacy as well as quality.

After development of the superior stamping system, the next logical step was to elaborate a solution for automated workpiece change.

Following the development of the EcoTower system, the EcoCompact system has now also been offered since the end of 2009, thus providing two unique automation concepts for batch sizes of 3 to 1,000 pieces to make production workflows even more effective, giving you a clear advantage over the competition.

ECO•COMPACT 20 – Workpiece Storage and Machine Tool Automation

Eco Compact 20

Compact design and high storage capacity do not have to be a contradiction!

This new automation system proves this. The small footprint includes 20 pallets, which bridges the gap between the Eco•Tower 60 and the Eco•Compact 10. Plus the handling weight of 40 kg is superior to the
other two systems whereby also heavy workpieces can be automated. Especially for small to medium size lots and workpieces with excess width the Eco-Compact 20 automation system is perfectly fitted.

Eco Compact 20 Speichertisch
  • 20 pallets on a footprint of only 2,00 x 2,00 m
  • Handling weight max. 40 kg
  • Easy loading of the table by hand or by crane due to the wide door
  • Quick and easy installation as the system comes as a preset unit
  • Easy communication with the machine tool by M-function