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User Report KSB - Contented and convinced, success with 8 clamping points

KSB AG is one of the leading suppliers of pumps, fittings and associated services. At their site in Pegnitz / Franconia 1,600 employees research and work on the most modern pump technology and fittings both for industry and power plants. They also have their company own foundry on site. A short while ago the fittings workshop of KSB Service GmbH have started using the InoFlex® chuck in combination with the InoZet® pendulum bridges.

In modern fabrication an increasing number of thin-walled and asymmetrical parts are being processed. The same applies to the fittings workshop of the KSB site in Pegnitz. „We are clamping many thin-walled parts and also non-symmetrical parts" explains Heribert Sier, Manager of the fittings workshop of KSB Service GmbH. „In the past we did the job with a standard 4-jaw or 3-jaw chuck." Especially when it comes to thin-walled parts fewer clamping points, high clamping pressure and the missing compensation can cause high deformation. This makes the clamping of the workpieces a big challenge as quality and precision in the processing follow highest demands at KSB. The consequence is long set-up times.

The combination of InoFlex® and InoZet® saves set-up times

When doing some internet research workshop Manager Sier came across HWR Spanntechnik. In order to reduce the set-up times KSB are now using the compensating and concentric clamping InoFlex® 4-jaw chuck. Due to the patented compensation of the chuck there is no over-determination by clamping points. However instead of four clamping jaws the InoZet® pendulum bridges are being mounted which double the number of clamping points to eight. Additionally the pendulum bridges also provide compensating clamping. „We are enthused by the combination of InoFlex® and InoZet®“, Sier summarizes the innovation. „The advantage of 8 compensating clamping points over the standard 3 clamping points is that the clamping pressure is introduced more equally into the workpiece and such causes much less deformation.“
Quick and precise handling

The combined automatic compensating clamping of both clamping tools results in simpler handling and above all in shorter set-up times especially for thin-walled workpieces. Special jaws are not required: InoZet® covers the entire clamping range with standard jaws. Asymmetrical workpieces are also no problem as owing o the patented compensation of the InoFlex® chuck it is possible to concentrically clamp irregular shaped parts. „InoFlex® convinced us and we are very happy with it." workshop manager Sier sums up.

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